Award Recommendation

The Crowns of Meridies invites and strongly encourages the populace to bring to Their Majesties attention those individuals within Their Kingdom who are worthy of recognition. Is there some person whom you know that merits recognition for services to Crown and Kingdom or for outstanding performance in the arts or for fighting prowess? If so, you can do your part to see that they receive recognition and reward by writing a letter of recommendation.

You may submit your award recommendation in three different ways:

    1. If you would prefer to submit your recommendation via US Postal mail you will find the mailing address in the back of each month’s Popular Chivalry newsletter.
    2. If you would prefer to submit your recommendation in a free form email to the Crown, send to crown[at]meridies[dot] org.
    3. You may also send in your recommendation by filling out the online form below. Please submit one form per person per award.


It should go without saying that you may not submit a form for yourself. While you may be very deserving, Their Royal Majesties would be more impressed if the recommendation was coming from someone else.

Please Note: Some awards are considered armigerous (meaning they can carry with them an award, grant, or patent of arms). Such awards can only be given to paid SCA members. Other awards, known as non-armigerous awards can be given to anyone regardless of membership. If you recommend one of these awards, please assist the Crown and be sure the individual is a paid member.

Also Note: Submission of an award recommendation does not guarantee an award, it simply brings the person to Their Royal Majesties attention to be considered.

Meridies Award Descriptions


Award Recommendation Form