Office of the Chatelaine

Chatelaines serve as a contact point for newcomers to our Kingdom who are interested in the Society. The Kingdom Chatelaine offers support and guidance to local Chatelaines throughout the Kingdom. They also gather reports from the local Chatelaines and report on their progress to the Society Chatelaine.

Kingdom Chatelaine

Countess Dalla Dyrfinna



Kingdom Deputy Chatelaine
Lord Erland Cadwalder

Recruiting Deputy


Welcome to Meridies!
Frequently Asked Questions, as well as customs and traditions of Meridies and kingdom climate information can be found here.

SCA Newcomers Portal

SCA Demo Policy

Chatelaine’s Handbook

Local Chatelaine Report Form
Reports are due on the 10th of the month following the end of the quarter

Chatelaine’s Report filed by Seneschal


The Meridian Chatelaines Page

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Forward Into the Past: A General SCA Intro Guide

Meridian Chatelaines Yahoo Group

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