Office of Communications

The Kingdom Communication Officer coordinates information between the offices of Kingdom Chronicler, Kingdom Webminister and Kingdom Social Media Officer, and manages the release library.

Kingdom Communication Officer

Baroness Isabetta de San Marco

Replacement Deputy

Baroness Genevieve Alaiz d’Avignon

Social Media Officer (KSMO)

Baroness Genevieve Alaiz d’Avignon

Social Media Deputies:

Social Media
Baroness Emelina le Norreys

Media Relations


Moderator, Reporting, Instagram
Baroness Isabetta de San Marcos:

Baroness Angharat Morcant


Creative Works Release

Photographer Release

Model Release

Video Release

SCA Social Media Policy

Reporting Dates

Social Media Reporting Form

January-March report due March 5th
April-June report due June 5th
July-September report due September 5th
October-December report due December 5th
Use the Social Media Reporting form link above.