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Information for members of the press and television media interested in the activities of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

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About the SCA

The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. Our “Known World” consists of 19 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members residing in countries around the world.

Members, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, host and attend events which may feature tournaments, arts exhibits, classes, workshops, dancing, feasts, and more. Our “royalty” hold courts at which they recognize and honor members for their contributions to the group.

Overview and description of the SCA
How did the SCA start? How is the SCA organized?
SCA combat / What kind of person joins the SCA?

Meridian Publications

Popular Chivalry
Popular Chivalry (PC) is the Meridian Kingdom Newsletter, available in electronic format. Deadline is the first of the month before publication for Popular Chivalry, and the tenth of the month before publication for the supplement. To submit articles, letters, or flyers, email the Kingdom Chronicler,

Penfeathers is the Newsletter of the Meridian Pages’ School, published quarterly within the PC. To submit articles, email the Penfeathers editor, Dedrie Turner.

Seasons is a Newsletter for the Meridian Arts & Sciences community, published quarterly within the PC. To submit articles, email the Seasons editor, Baronessa Dianora di Cellini.

For More Information:

Members of the Media
Contact the Media Relations Representative for any questions related Media, Filming, Photography or Press inquiries. The main thing to remember is have fun, be professional, keep everyone in the loop and send a report after any media type activity.

Visit the For the Press website for Film/Photography Requirements and Photos available for use.

Local Groups
Local groups can read Society Seneschal’s Media Relations and External Publicity Policy at the SCA website. Local group Seneschals should be familiar with this policy. An excellent article, Our Medieval World in the Media’s Eye, describes the purpose of the Media Liaison and is great reading for local group Seneschals. You can also obtain Press Releases and Sample Press Releases at the SCA website.