Guilds of Meridies

A&S Guild Deputy:

Baroness Aela Hundred Oars

Costumer’s Guild

Guild Website
Secretary: Countess Kissa Irminwiht



Dance Guild

Guild Website
Secretary: Lady Katerina Ravenshaw


Embroiderer’s Guild

Guild Website
Secretary: Lady ‘Inan bint Sufian



Herbal Guild

Guild Website
Secretary: Maestra Magdalena da Parma


Iron Worker’s Guild

Secretary: Vacant


Lacemaking Guild
Arachne’s Web

Guild Website
Secretary: Baroness Leda


Moneyer’s Guild

Guild Facebook Page
Secretary: Sir Jean-Claude von Adlerstaat

Brewer’s Guild
Company of the Golden Cask

Guild Website
Butler: THLord Sebastian of Iron Mountain


Bards and Poets’ Guild
Company of St. Cecelia

Secretary: Vacant



Archer’s Guild
Iron Bow

Guild Commander: Baron Fynlo Mac Cane


Hound Coursing Guild

Guild Website
Secretary: THL Catrin Skynith


Metalsmith’s Guild

Secretary: Vacant



Minstrel’s Guild

Guild Website
Secretary: Mistress Juliana Harper


Scribes Guild

Secretary: THLady Veronica da Lucca









The Guild Stewards (or their designated representatives if they cannot attend) will meet once a year, with the KMOAS and/or the Kingdom Deputy for Guilds, usually at either Fall Coronation or Spring Coronation. The Guild Stewards/Representatives shall be prepared to present a verbal report on guild activities over the course of the previous year. Written reports by the guild stewards are also required to be emailed to the Guild Deputy twice a year, on April 15 and October 15. Failure to send these reports will result in losing the privilege of contact information being listed on the Kingdom website and in Popular Chivalry.