Guilds of Meridies

A&S Guild Deputy:

Baroness Aela Hundred Oars


Arachne’s Web

Guild Website
Secretary: Maestra Dianora di Cellini

Courtesans of Meridies Guild

The Courtesans of Meridies is a guild dedicated to the research and support of sex worker/courtesan personas in the Kingdom of Meridies. We are a growing community consisting of courtesan and patron personas, attachés, researchers, and various supporters. We focus on encouraging service at Meridian events, research and classes on topics of historical sexuality and the lives of courtesans, and contributions to the arts in the SCA.

Guild Website
Guild Facebook Group
Secretary: Onestra Signora Justina di Silvestri

Costumer’s Guild

Secretary: Countess Kissa Irminwiht

Embroiderer’s Guild

The Meridian Embroidery Guild’s primary focus is education and is organized to give individual guild members autonomy to plan meetings and teach classes on a local level and promote the guild as a resource. On our Facebook  page we make announcements for classes and meetings; request for teachers at events; answer and discuss questions about embroidery; and make recommendations for embroidery materials. Our members volunteer to take part in group projects for our Kingdom, such as the Tablefront Project where we have embroidered group devices on a tablecloth to be used at the feast High Table at Kingdom Level events. We currently have 210 members.

Guild Facebook Group
Guild Website
Secretary: Lady ‘Inan bint Sufian

Forester’s Guild

The foresters guild is recruiting men and women who are skilled at, or have an interest in; Camping, pavilioning, outdoor living, and survival in period fashion as well as journeys over land and by inland waterways in period fashion. It is the purpose of foresters to research, recreate, educate and demonstrate historical tools, methods, equipment and techniques for living, camping, traveling and cooking, in the outdoors or in wilderness locations.

Guild Facebook Group
High Warden: Kateren le Wolfhunt

Gaming Guild

The Gaming Guild of Meridies is dedicated to researching and re-creating the art, skills, rules and enjoyment from pre-17th century games in the Known World. The Guild promotes the study of games in a medieval context and provides information in the history, creation, and rules of period games to the populace. Members are encouraged to grow and share their knowledge not only within the Guild, but also within the Kingdom and Known World at large.

Guild Facebook Page
Secretary: THLady Jane Wolfden

Herbal Guild

The Herbal Guild of Meridies is dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of herbalism from pre-17th century Europe and the Known World. The Guild promotes the study and use of herbs in a medieval context and provides information on the period cultivation, history, and utilization of herbs to the citizens of Meridies, a Kingdom within the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA). The medieval applications of herbs as dyes, as well as culinary, cosmetic and medicinal agents, are among the commonly explored areas of the Guild.

Guild Website
Secretary: Maestra Magdalena da Parma

Iron Bow Guild
(Archery & Thrown Weapons)

The Iron Bow Guild aims to promote the learning and teaching of the arts of Archery and Thrown Weapons in the SCA throughout the Kingdom of Meridies.

Guild Commander: Baron Fynlo Mac Cane

Moneyer’s Guild

The Meridian Moneyers’ Guild is a group of Meridian artisans who research, practice, and promote the widely varied skills, technologies, and techniques involved in producing all forms of pre-17th century currency and trade tokens.

Guild Facebook Page
Secretary: Sir Jean-Claude von Adlerstaat

Minstrel’s Guild

Secretary: Mistress Juliana Harper

Painter’s Guild

The Guild is dedicated to the recreation of the Arts and Sciences of painting and drawing from before 1600. This would include encaustic (wax), egg tempera, and oil painting on panels, fresco, miniatures or other Fine Arts from the period; drawing in metal point, chalk, or ink, wood and copperplate prints; and any other Fine Arts demonstrated to have been practiced before 1600. Illuminated manuscript work is not included as it in under the aegis of the Guild of Scribes of Meridies.

Guild Facebook Page
Secretary: Lady Deedre Turner

(Dance Guild)

Saltare is the dance guild that serves the Kingdom of Meridies, the branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism covering the Southeastern United States. The purpose of the guild is to teach, promote, and organize Medieval and Renaissance dance for the kingdom, including both European dance styles and those of other cultures that had contact with Europe during these time periods.

Guild Facebook Page
Guild Website
Proctor: Lady Katerina Ravenshaw

Scribal Guild

Guild Facebook Page
Guild Website
Meridies Scroll and Scribal Gallery
Secretary: Baroness Emelina le Norreys


The Guild Stewards (or their designated representatives if they cannot attend) will meet once a year, with the KMOAS and/or the Kingdom Deputy for Guilds, usually at either Fall Coronation or Spring Coronation. The Guild Stewards/Representatives shall be prepared to present a verbal report on guild activities over the course of the previous year. Written reports by the guild stewards are also required to be emailed to the Guild Deputy twice a year, on April 15 and October 15. Failure to send these reports will result in losing the privilege of contact information being listed on the Kingdom website and in Popular Chivalry.