Office of the Herald

The Principal Herald is the head of the kingdom’s College of Heralds and is responsible for supervising field heraldry and court heraldry at events within the kingdom, and for College of Arms activities within the kingdom, including the timely processing of submissions for names and armory.

Beacon Principal Herald

Baronesa Sara al-Garnatiyya

Bagatelle (Award Regalia)

Baroness Cordelle of Phoenix Glade

Candle (New Herald Education)

THLord Henry Fox of Oak Hill

Clerk of Precedence (Precedence Data)

THNoble Rebecca Whieldon Pyke

Cypher (Submissions)

THLord Kurt Bogner

Lambent (OSCAR Commenting)

Mistress Bronwen o Gydweli

Lantern (Heraldic Education)

Master Mathias Blackett

Lucis (Reporting Deputy)

Mistress Ellen de Lacey

Lighthouse (Field Heraldry)


Papyrus (Scanning and Archives)

Mistress Ammalynne Sternjekrakki Haraldsdottir

Pennon (Names and Armory)

Lady Catylyn Wen

Silent (Sign Language)

Lady Caoilfionn inghean Caomhánach

Torch (Courts)

Min Soo Yun


Checks/money orders should be made out to SCA Inc./Kingdom of Meridies. The fee is $10 per item (name, badge, device). Submissions should be mailed to:

Meridies Submissions
c/o Curtis Halbrook

1350 Hendon Road
Woodstock, GA 30188