Office of the Marshal

The Earl Marshal has the primary responsibility for combat upon the field, for promoting the safety of all Society combat within the Kingdom, and for the correct training of combatants. The Earl Marshal, or his appointed representative, oversees all fighting at Kingdom level events. They have the responsibility for the conduct of the various Knight Marshals of the Kingdom and any other duties as are appropriate to the Marshallate. The Earl Marshal or his Knight Marshals act as the Crown’s Representative when on the field to ensure the adherence to the Rules of the Lists.

Kingdom Earl Marshal

Duke Bryce MacLaren

Heavy Combat


Deputy Earl Marshal for Heavy Combat
Sir Erik Martel
Combat Authorization Marshal
Sir Baras Bayan
Warrant Marshal
Master Mikolaj Pilypaitis
Meridian Grand Tournament Coordinator
Baroness Rondalynne Seren


Marshals Handbook
Reporting Requirements Guidelines
Consent to Participate and
Release Liability Form

Event Report Form
Fighter Authorization Form
Injury Report Form
Quarterly Report Form
Check Group Report Status


SCA Heavy Weapons
Society Marshal


For new authorizations, please include the authorization paperwork, proof of membership, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. It’s also always a good idea to keep a copy of the paperwork to fight with until you get your card back.
For renewals, please include a copy of your old card, proof of membership, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.
(Please email the Authorization Marshal for where to send it all.)
For reports, Please send all reports to

Rapier Combat

Deputy Earl Marshal for Rapier Combat
Master Nikoslav Mikolaevich
Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal
Lord Eamonn Mac Uilluman
Rapier Reporting Deputy
Captain Niccolo Romero
Rapier Authorization
Captain Tristram Jager von Bonn


Meridies Rapier Combat Homepage
Rapier Rules, A.S. L
Youth Rapier Rules
Rapier Marshal’s Handbook 2010 Edition


Siege Combat

Siege Weapons Marshal
Lord Snorri Smidsonn

Siege Rules

Youth Combat

Youth Combat Marshal
Lady Mairghread Wilson

Youth Combat Rules
Youth Combat Authorization Form
Youth Combat Event Report
Youth Combat Waiver
Youth Combat Sparring Marshal Authorization
Youth Combat Marshal Authorization Form
Youth Combat Marshal Authorization Form


Combat Archery

Combat Archery Marshal
Master Seamus Corrigan

Meridian CA Handbook and Resource Page



Kingdom Equestrian Marshal
Sir Wulfric Peverel

Meridies Equestrian Handbook
Meridian Cavalry Homepage
Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competition

Live Weapons
(Target Archery and Thrown Weapons)

Live Weapons Marshal
Engenlbrecht Wandelber

Live Weapons Handbook

Meridian Archery Rankings System

The Crown has approved the Meridies Archer Ranking system. Please consult these rules to learn how to properly submit Royal Rounds for ranking. Questions about the ranking system should be directed to the Kingdom Scorekeeper,Conrad Engelhart

Meridies Live Weapons – Archery Website

Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition (IKAC)