Office of the Parchment Pursuivant

The Parchment Pursuivant is responsible for producing and providing scrolls for all the Orders, Honors, and Ceremonies in Meridies. They serve as a liaison between the Royal Family and the scribal community for this purpose.

Principal Parchment

THLady Veronica da Lucca


North Regional  РVacant

West Regional – Baroness Catriona the blind

South Regional – Corina De Molinas

East Regional – Rhonwyn Alyna Nic an Chrosain

Scribal Guild Leader – Rhonwyn Alyna Nic an Chrosain

Scribal Guild Deputy – Baroness Emelina le Norreys


Sample Scroll Wordings
from the College of Heralds

Scroll Blank Case Tally


Parchment Website