Reporting Guidelines

Marshal Reporting Guidelines

Greetings Group Knight Marshals of Meridies,

I hope this missive finds you and your home group safely pursuing marshal endeavors. This is a gentle reminder of the reporting guidelines for Group Knight Marshals and what forms you must use for martial related activities.

They are as follows:
1. Quarterly Report Form
2. Marshal’s Event Report Form
3. Injury Report Form
4. General Membership Waiver
5. Authorization Report Form
Please send all reports to

Please make copies of these report forms to use. Remember that email reports are accepted and strongly encouraged, and of course snail mail will always be accepted. Below, you will find specific guidelines for the preparation of these reports:

1. The Quarterly Report Form

This form is the backbone of the Meridian Marshallate reporting structure. It provides the Office of the Earl Marshal of Meridies with timely information regarding the state of martial activities within your group. It is due on the following dates:
First Quarter: 15 February
Second Quarter: 15 May
Third Quarter: 15 August
Fourth Quarter: 15 November

Any report received after the appropriate date will be considered late. Thereafter, we will make one attempt (and one attempt only) to contact you or your group seneschal to obtain the report. Any report not received by the twenty-fifth of the month in which it was due (i.e., 10 days late) will be considered “missing” and will lead to the immediate suspension of martial activities within your group. By the way, suspension of martial activities means all martial activities covered by the Earl Marshal’s office, Any Knight Marshal who misses two reports of any kind in a row will probably be removed from office and have their fighting privileges suspended. When you submit your report electronically the appropriate reporting deputy will send you a reply. If you do not receive a reply from said deputy within 48 hours please contact the clerk of the office or myself to find out if they are on vacation or at a war or if there is some other issue. It is on you to make sure the report is received on time.

The report is not complete without the roster. Also, please list any special occurrences that have happened in your group, whether at fighter practices, tournaments, or demos. By “special occurrences” I mean any “near-misses” (see below), “problem children,” notable equipment failures, or dangerous tactics. In short, please comment on the state of fighting in your group in some detail.

2. The Marshal’s Event Report Form

This report should be filled out for events at which fighting occurred, not for fighter practices, demos, and the like. This report is due within 10 days of the date of the fighting event covered, and is considered “missed” if received after that time. Once again, you should provide the information on the form, as well as the “special occurrences” mentioned above. Please make note of “near-misses” or “problem children.” By the former I mean dangerous, accidental occurrences where an injury could have occurred. Since this is a little nebulous, let me offer the example of a combat arrow or shield edge entering the eyeslot of a helmet. Even if no injury occurred, such an occurrence is still a serious incident, it’s a near miss, and should be reported. Use your judgment — you know what looks bad.

By “problem children” I simply mean fighters who cause problems, even if only minor, at your event. For instance, if you have to warn a fighter about his blow calling, I want you to mention it and provide his name. If you have to require a fighter to fix or alter his armor before you allow him to fight, I want you to mention it and provide his name. A single occurrence of such will not be a cause for any action by my office, but multiple occurrences may be cause for concern. For example, suppose you have to require Lord Fubar of the Hills to add an additional flap to his gorget before you let him fight in your tournament. No big deal. He adds it and gets to fight. You mention him in your event report. Now, suppose I look at the event reports for the month of your tournament and discover that three separate marshals had to require Lord Fubar to do the same thing at their events. Well, then, Lord Fubar can expect a call from me, as he is clearly ignoring the advice of the marshals and the armor requirements for the Kingdom of Meridies. The intention here is to gently guide and direct (or catch and punish) those “problem children” that we have all encountered over the years. The only way we can help these folks see the light, is to attach a paper trail to them that reveals the depth of their martial problems, and then act on it. I am quite willing to do the latter if you will help me with the former. As in the case of Quarterly Reports, “missed” Marshal’s Event Reports will lead to your group being suspended, and the possibility of your being removed from office.

3. The Injury Report Form

A separate injury report must be filed for each instance of an injury involving combat. These reports may be copies of reports generated by the presiding Chirurgeon. However, if that report is not available, the Marshal in Charge should describe the nature of the injury and the circumstances under which the injury occurred. The report should be short and concise. The Injury Report must be filed within three (3) days of the injury. The injury report does not need to be filed separately or immediately, except in the case of an injury that required transport to an off-site medical facility. In that case, an Injury Report should be made within one day of the day on which the injury occurred. If the injury occurred on the Saturday of a weekend event, the report must be filed on Monday at the latest.

The required reports for events at which fighting occurred are the Marshal’s Event Report and the Injury Report (if needed).

4. The General Membership Waiver

Before ever being allowed to armor up, a new fighter must show his or her signed SCA membership card, or sign a General Membership Waiver. For an event, if a fighter is on the field, they should have already shown a membership card, or have signed the site waver, at troll. For group practices all participants must either show a membership card or sign a waiver for EACH PRACTICE. To cut down on paperwork we suggest using the multi line non member waiver found here: Adult Roster Style Waiver. These waivers must be sent to the Waiver Deputy (see regnum) at the end of each month (I suggest you keep a copy of this for your files).

5. The Authorization Report Form

The Authorization Form should be completed by the Marshal-in-Charge of the event at which the authorization occurred and given to the authorizing fighter along with his or her waiver (if necessary – see #4, above) before the end of the event. It is the responsibility of the newly authorized fighter to send in the paperwork to the Deputy Earl Marshal for Authorizations (Authorization Marshal) to receive an authorization card. All information must be legible. Advise the newly authorized fighter not to send authorization paperwork to the Earl Marshal, as this will just delay their authorization card because I will send said paperwork back to the authorizing fighter. An authorizing fighter must show the authorizing Marshal his or her signed SCA membership card, or sign the General Membership Waiver before being allowed to authorize. After the authorization, the fighter must send a copy of his or her membership card, front and back, or the signed General Membership Waiver to the Authorization Marshal, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Authorizing fighters who are not members of the SCA must also enclose the required fee of $25. The authorizing fighter should keep a copy of the authorization paperwork, as it is his or her temporary authorization card until the permanent card arrives. Fighters with Authorization Cards need only show the Marshal-in-Charge their Authorization Cards to fight. They do not need to show their membership cards to the marshal, since to participate at the event they will have had to show a membership card or signed a site waiver.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact my staff or me. We’re all in the Regnum. Thanks for your time, and happy marshaling! I appreciate all the hard work Group Knight Marshals do; without you, others would not have the fun that they have being an SCA fighter.

In Service to the Crown of Meridies,

Master Edward of Yarborough

Earl Marshal
Original by Sir Gnaeus Aquillius Longinus