Roll of Arms Device & Badge Procedures

How to Add Your Heraldry to Order of Precedence & Roll of Arms

This is a step by step guide on getting your personal heraldry submitted to the Meridian Roll of Arms.

1.Have to your heraldry approved by the SCA College of Heralds to be added to the Roll.

2. Please submit your device and badge emblazons (images) to Clerk to be uploaded into the OP using this google form:

Roll of Arms Device & Badge Upload Form

3.If you created your emblazon(s), you will also need to fill out the artist release form and send it to the Social Media team as well as copying Clerk at

4. If someone else created the emblazon(s) of your heraldry, you will need them to fill out the artist release form before that image can be posted.

5. Artist credit will be included in the Roll of Arms for each emblazon. In the case of multiple images submitted, leave the ‘Which is Entitled’ section of the release form blank.

Meridies Artist Release and Publication Permission

Please feel free to reach out to Beacon Herald or the Clerk of Precedence with any issues or questions.

Beacon Herald:

Clerk of Precedence: