Their Royal Majesties Randver & Arianne
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The Royal Family Welcomes You!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Meridies, a regional branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). In the SCA, Meridies is the fifth kingdom, founded January 18, 1978 encompassing the entire state of Alabama, all of Georgia west of Augusta, eastern Tennessee, southern Kentucky, and the Florida panhandle. An international organization, the SCA is dedicated to researching and re-creating all aspects of life before the 17th century.

In the SCA and Meridies, members dress in period clothing, according to their time period (up to 1600CE) interests and any global location, to participate in a wide variety of activities. To help you prepare—either before or at events—members teach a wide variety of classes and train interested marshal combatants to ease your entrance into Meridies and the SCA. At events, there are resplendent tournaments, glorious art projects, sumptuous feasts, and spectacular exhibitions to grace our experiences. Royalty provides pomp at their courts to recognize and honor people’s extraordinary contributions. 

We, the populace and royalty of Meridies, are delighted that you are here!