Office of the Seneschal

The Kingdom Seneschal is the legal representative for the Kingdom of Meridies in the eyes of the modern world. The Kingdom Seneschal interprets Kingdom Law, and makes policy decisions about the day-to-day workings of the Kingdom. These decisions are subject to approval by the Crown and the Society Seneschal. Other kingdom officers have similar authority within their particular areas of expertise. There are several deputies who serve under the Kingdom Seneschal.

Kingdom Seneschal

Zayn al-Munajjima, OP


North Alabama

Baroness Geira Dansdottir

South Alabama and Florida

Master Kevin Eriol

North Georgia

Duchess Sabine d’Orliens

South Georgia

THLord Jacques de la Fontaine

Central Tennessee and Kentucky

Sir Griffin O’Suaird

East Tennessee

Baron Eoin Mac Cana